Life Balance Strategy for Busy People

Life Balance Strategy for Busy People

Part 1


Today I’d like to share with you a ‘magical’ strategy I devised many years ago, which has supported me and countless others to overcome the constant juggle and struggle of managing the many and varied roles of our busy lives.

You will need two things: a ‘special’ journal – one that’s new and nice and that you’ll enjoy writing in – and a magic wand – available at all good discount stores or toy shops! This journal will become your personalised “Design My Own Big Picture” instruction manual. Your magic wand gives you the permission, and the power, mentally, to overcome and remove all limitations and restrictions; no more “I’m too old/too young”, “He/she won’t let me”, “I don’t have enough money”, “I don’t have the right education / qualifications”, etc. Just let go of all the limiting beliefs and negative self-talk when writing in this journal.

On the front page of your journal, draw a 9-square grid: 3 rows, 3 columns in a square. Label the centre box ‘Me’, the three along the top, leV to right, ‘Relationship’, ‘Children’, ‘Family and Friends’, the two side ones ‘Household’ and ‘Hobbies’, and the bottom three ‘Finances’, ‘Business/Career’ and ‘Contribution’.

On the next page, write the heading ‘Me’. Then leave 5-6 pages blank, then put the heading ‘Relationship’ on top of the next page. Leave another 5-6 pages, and write the heading ‘Children’….and so on.

Broadly speaking, these 9 categories cover all aspects of your life. The squares are in proportion, representing a ‘balanced’ life. Obviously this doesn’t mean that we spend exactly one-ninth of our life in each area, but rather that we should spend a proportionate amount of our time in each area for us to lead a balanced life and feel ‘in control’. Too oVen, we find that one or more of these 9 squares has become much bigger than it’s allotted portion, and generally when any area expands disproportionately, the ‘Me’ section shrinks to accommodate this, and oVen the ‘Relationship’ section suffers also. We then face additional challenges such as poor health or failed relationships on top of our time management juggle.

Now, over time, start to list points outlining how you’d like these areas of your life to look. The idea is not to fill the entire 5-6 pages under each heading right away. This journal is to become an ongoing tool in the creation of your life, so you might jot a few points under each heading to begin with, and then keep adding, reviewing, adjusting, eliminating and ticking off items over time. We’ll look at each of these areas in more detail in coming weeks, with more tips to keep life simple, streamlined and fulfilling. But for now, remember to use your magic wand….and enjoy designing your own big picture!