At SHINE at Leadership, we love what we do so, when we receive amazing feedback from our clients, we feel very humbled and grateful. 

“I would highly recommend Dianna Jacobsen and SHINE at Business. When I first came in contact with Di, I was looking for an accountant because my business was starting to get a bit complicated for me to do myself.

However, Di is more than just an accountant. From our very first talk, I felt extremely confident and inspired that I could go ahead and build the business that I’ve been dreaming of for a long time. Her enthusiasm Is catching and not only is my accounting in order, but I have been privileged to be able to take part in various courses that have sent me on a positive mental mindset to achieve my goals.

In spite of Covid causing me to be unable to build my main businesses, I have been able to expand online and in other areas, so instead of going backwards as many people have, I have been able to not just maintain my income but steadily increase it. 

From being a one-person business, I now have multiple employees and Di’s advice and support have been critical in getting to this stage so quickly…

No matter the stage of your business SHINE at Business will be able to add value and support for you. If you listen to Di and follow her advice, you will be able to achieve your goals and overreach them more than you ever thought you could.”

Donna Burton – Donna the Astronomer @ Milroy Observatory

My name is Deanne Sykes. My husband and I run the Mawarra Genetics, which is a beef cattle started in Longford, in the Gippsland region of Victoria. Dianna Jacobsen has been part of our business since 2017, and an integral part in our very recent expansion.

In 2021, Dianna offered the opportunity to take part in her personal development course SHINE at Leadership, I was very keen to take part and more than nervous at the idea. I went into it with a very open mind, but not understanding at all the enormous value that it would end up having to myself personally and also to our business.

The SHINE at Business modules were incredibly beneficial. It validated a lot of the work that we’d already been doing with Dianna and the changes to the structure and framework of our business that we’ve made. But moving on through the module, it became a lot more about mindset, how we think, and the things that trigger us and often hold us back. This becomes such an ingrained part of our life, that it takes a while to figure out what those triggers are and even identify that they’re there. What it’s enabled me to do, is improve my self-confidence. I think I’m a far better version of myself than I was when this journey started.

It has created an opportunity for me to open another business and develop a mentoring opportunity to assist other people in small business. This has absolutely become my purpose. It’s a wonderful opportunity for me to be able to give back and to share a lot of the lessons I’ve learned from Dianna with a lot of other people.

I highly recommend Dianna from a business perspective, but also especially the SHINE at Leadership course. If you have the opportunity to participate, I highly encourage it. I’ve seen so many amazing stories through the people that I’ve met during this journey, and I’ve made lifelong friendships with other participants in the course. So, I would highly recommend Dianna and SHINE at Leadership!

Deanne Sykes  Mawarra Genetics & Meraki

I want to share with people an experience that I’ve had for the last 12 months in joining a SHINE at Businesses program called SHINE at Leadership. It’s strange, we may not see ourselves as a leader in life, but in fact, each one of us has a leadership role that we can share with others. It’s about creating a very positive energy about being a leader in our life.

As a writer, I am a person who works with words, and I know the power of language that we use. One of the modules created by Dianna Jacobson looks at the language that we use to ourselves, the language we use in creating goals, and the thoughts that we have. All of us have been influenced by our family and by the past when it comes to things about abundance. When we talk about having wealth and we always think it’s about money. But it’s not actually about money. Having wealth is an holistic experience. It’s having money when we need it. It’s feeling safe and secure. It’s having goals and excitement in our life. It’s about creating things that we are able to provide for others. There are so many aspects to it. It’s about relationships that we have in our life, with our family, with our business partners, with our customers and clients. The SHINE at Leadership course gave us an opportunity to look at what we create in all those different areas of our life.

A lot of us feel that we can’t control what happens in our life. That we’ve got no power over it, particularly when we’ve gone through things like COVID lockdowns and the like. We’ve had this big question mark above our life. But in fact, we can turn it around by concentrating on the positive things in our life, by expressing gratitude, and by focusing on the different areas of our life to create goals that are really important to us.

The overall program runs for 40 weeks but you can do it in sections of 10 weeks. An important part of it is sharing with other participants, so we created a Mastermind Group. We share our goals with each other, and we inspire each other. We also hold those goals for others, so that they could create wonderful things. It was amazing how the results were created in different ways, in different aspects of people’s lives. All of us experienced an increase in abundance in our life.

So, if you’re feeling that your business isn’t working properly, or you’re just not getting where you want to, I recommend having a conversation with Dianna and talking to her about this particular program. It really helps us clear out a lot of negativity in different area of our life and create the kind of life that we love, the kind of life that really inspires us, and where we feel abundant and wealthy.

Sheridan Morris – Well Said & Associates

Hi, I’m Faye Waterman, the Conversation Curator. I’d like to say, congratulations Diana Jacobson for your 12-month program, SHINE at Leadership which you ran in 2021. It certainly was all of that! This 12-month program with four different modules, 10 modules in each, is about business and personal development.

This program is about mindset and about language. It’s learning about who you are and how you present yourself. It gives you the confidence to be able to make better choices. It gives you so many different aspects in life. In your business life, if you run a business, in your personal life, and so much more. It is really focused on helping you grow as an individual, no matter what area you’re in.

I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a personal development course, looking for something that will help you grow your business, help you with your mindset and your language, and helping you just do what you do in life. Thank you, Dianna, for allowing me to participate in this course! I am looking forward to the new sections in 2022.

Faye Waterman – The Conversation Curator