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Are you putting in 100% effort and not achieving the results you want in your professional and personal life? Do you wonder why some people seem to attract bigger and better results than you? Does money seem to disappear no matter how much you earn?

I’m Dianna Jacobsen and I’ve developed a course called SHINE at Leadership designed just for you.

Drawing on extensive research and training undertaken with top success mentors and coaches around the world, the SHINE at Leadership course is a value-packed 12-month program consisting of four 10-week modules. Each module provides steps to move out of frustration into building a life of wealth and wellbeing.

Participants in this course have discovered a renewed passion for their life and created amazing results that have exponentially advanced their financial and lifestyle goals. Most importantly, they have created a life they love which implements the potential they always knew they had but didn’t know how to access.  

The course draws people who think outside the usual mental and physical boundaries that keep us stuck and feeling powerless.

With pre-recorded sessions and access to workbooks and resources, this self-paced program includes access to a Master Mind group which will support and encourage you along the way.

If this sounds like something that you’ve been looking for, why not access our FREE TRIAL of the first session of the initial SHINE at Business 10-week module?


This introductory session will help you see if this program is for you and allow you to register for the first value-packed module. We’re confident that the results you accomplish will set you on the path towards greater wealth, health, and satisfaction in your life.

Why not start now? …and I’ll even throw in a few bonuses!

Simply add your name and email address to our contact page and step into the life you’ve always desired.

What other participants say:

“In 2021, Dianna offered the opportunity to take part in her personal development course SHINE at Leadership, I was very keen to take part and more than a little nervous at the idea. I went into it with a very open mind, but not understanding at all the enormous value that it would end up having to myself personally and also to our business.

I highly recommend Dianna from a business perspective, but also especially the SHINE at Leadership course. If you have the opportunity to participate, I highly encourage it. I’ve seen so many amazing stories through the people that I’ve met during this journey, and I’ve made lifelong friendships with other participants in the course. So, I would highly recommend Dianna and SHINE at Leadership!”

Deanne Sykes – Mawarra Genetics & Meraki

“From being a one-person business, I now have multiple employees and Di’s advice and support have been critical in getting to this stage so quickly…

No matter the stage of your business Shine at Business will be able to add value and support for you. If you listen to Di and follow her advice, you will be able to achieve your goals and overreach them more than you ever thought you could.”                                    

Donna Burton – Donna the Astronomer

“A lot of us feel that we can’t control what happens in our life. That we’ve got no power over it, particularly when we’ve gone through things like COVID lockdowns and the like. But in fact, we can turn it around by concentrating on the positive things in our life, by expressing gratitude, and by focusing on the different areas of our life to create goals that are really important to us.

So, if you’re feeling that your business isn’t working properly, or you’re just not getting where you want to, I recommend having a conversation with Dianna and talking to her about this particular program. It really helps us clear out a lot of negativity in different aspects of our life and create the kind of life that we love, the kind of life that really generates us, and where we feel abundant and wealthy.”

Sheridan Morris – Well Said & Associates


To find out more about the SHINE at Leadership 12 Month Program

Contact Dianna on: M: 0412 804 716

E: [email protected]

E: [email protected]